Monday, February 2, 2009

The Virginia Gentleman Endorses Herrity.

Tomorrow Fairfax County voters will have a chance to avoid a train wreck. The train wreck I am referring to is the financial situation in which the county finds itself. The situation was created by years of high taxes and high spending. And in my opinion Pat Herrity is the candidate to fix the mess.

And indeed there are problems. The fact is Fairfax County is facing a $650 million budget shortfall which is larger than the total budget of the Police, Fire and Rescue, Sheriff, Libraries, Parks and Health Departments combined! Meanwhile homeowner taxes have doubled in the last seven years, and our schools have stagnated.
As a CPA, and Chief Financial Officer of multimillion dollar technology companies, only Pat Herrity has the experience we need to balance the budget while keeping our schools among the best in the nation.

In his endorsement Former Congressman and Chairman of the Board of Supervisors Tom Davis said,
“Fairfax County needs a new generation of leadership. Pat Herrity has the award winning financial background and common sense solutions needed to tackle our financial problems, ease our traffic congestion, and protect our schools and classrooms.”

We’ll see what happens on Tuesday.

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