Friday, March 27, 2009

Cantor Blasts Obama's Budget

House Republican Whip, and Virginia Congressman Eric Cantor blasted the Obama administration's budget on Wednesday.

In his statement, Cantor said
"Republicans believe that the (Obama) administration's budget lacks a clear focus, avoids making the tough choices America needs, and fails to prioritize the real problems facing this economy, working families, and small businesses."

"In his first budget submission," Cantor added, "the president will amass more debt than the previous forty-three Presidents combined, which mortgages our children's future - since it is all of them who will be stuck with the bill."

I agree with the Congressman, the Obama budget is a disaster, it spends money we don't have on things that won't help the economy.

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Geoffrey said...

Mr Cantor represents me, but he does so only symbolically and not as my speaker on the national stage. He has lambasted the Obama budget recently, but as a candidate's words need to be heeded well - so do the words of a congressman, who seemingly is perpetually a candidate. On meet the press two weeks ago, Mr Cantor was asked how he could deride this budget and its spending when he supported, lock-step, the massive spending increases and pork items (upwards 49k, he signed off on) during the Bush years. Taken aback slightly, Mr Cantor smoothly relies on the old republican standard by saying that during those times, he was merely supporting the troops with his approvals. Mr. Cantor, I don't need my college education to know that you are trying to play your constituents for fools by such responses. You are culpable of excessive spending, and like Wall Street fat-cats, you need to admit fault where it is due, because like them, you spend money that is not yours - and time has shown us that you spend it without accountability and consideration.