Thursday, March 26, 2009

Democrats agree to five debates

Virginia Democrats have agreed to hold five debates before the June 9th gubernatorial primary.

The campaigns of Brian Moran, Terry McAuliffe, and Creigh Deeds announced the agreement this week, although they did say that some minor details still need to be ironed out.

The five debates will take place in Williamsburg on April 19th, April 23rd in Hampton, April 28th in Danville and May 19th in Annandale, and April 29th at Virginia Tech. The May 19th Annandale debate will take place at the Northern Virginia Community College.

We also learned that the April 29 debate at Virginia Tech will be organized by The Collegiate Times, the liberal Web site Huffington Post and the blogs Not Larry Sabato and Firedoglake. Not surprisingly they didn't ask the Virginia Gentleman to organize the debate.

Ordinarily, debates are uneventful, boring affairs, with candidates simply trying to avoid making mistakes, but this race is wide open, and these debates may be very significant. A strong performance, or one big gaffe, may make all the difference. It will also be interesting to see how Moran and McAuliffe interact. Do they keep attacking each other, or does each try to ignore the other and take the high ground. Their mutual dislike is so strong that I have to believe they will prepare for five aggressive and negative debates.

These debates may also provide a golden opportunity for Creigh Deeds to breakout, and rise above the bickering and negativity of McAuliffe and Moran.

These debates may decide who becomes the Democrat nominee.

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sj said...

Brian Moran and Creigh Deeds are considered "home boys." McAuliffe is an outsider as far as the Dem voters are concerned. He is trying to mimic the recent Obama campaign, open all the offices you can and he has the money to do it and can out spend the others by a long shot, TV time,photo ops with Bill and now Sec of State Clinton, interviews on prime time, radio time WMAL, WTOP, [free bees] etc..He can say anything he wants and the other Dem won't have the money to rebut, etc..It will be interesting as to who the DNC give the big bucks to, all or one that they feel can win over our candidate. The latter I suspect.

I say they will keep attacking each other the closer to the run off. But prior they will try to ignore the other and take the high ground.They don't want the negative stuff by one Dem against the other to be used by our guy. I agree with you to a point. [Their mutual dislike is so strong that I have to believe they will prepare for five aggressive and negative debates.] but that is after they try to make nice with each other and its time to seal the deal with Dem voters, then the "fangs" come out!

I think Deeds will hold back and not involve himself for as long as he can then Deeds will use the " rise above the bickering and negativity of McAuliffe and Moran to get Dem votes. Supposedly voters don't' like negative attacks especially one Dem against another.
But, the win is more important then the tactics and I bet we will see some nasty stuff. I say go boys go and destroy the "minuscule" credibility you thugs "may" have had with Dem voters! The are all thugs, tax and spenders and untruthful people.No surprises! My bet is the DNC will put their money on one of the home boys. Deeds was ignored last go round in support of Kaine, the Lt. Gov.then as the easiest win so its Deeds turn to get DNC "back-door" money so as not to tick off the others..After th run off the DNC will pour the put big money into all the races, with the race for Gov. getting the lions share of bucks. This could wind up being as before two out of three for us, only this time we get Gov, Lt.Gov and AG will be up in the air but we have a really good chance of getting AG spot also. We have three good candidates for AG. So fare they are respectful of each other, etc...

Great blog. Looks good [fishing too]. The commentary is interesting and thought provoking!