Wednesday, March 25, 2009

McAuliffe leads all Rivals in Number of Staffers and Campaign Offices

Last week Brian Moran claimed that fellow Democrat Terry McAuliffe was trying to buy the Democrat Gubernatorial nomination. We now are learning how McAuliffe is using his money advantage.

In addition to a strong air game, McAuliffe's ground game is not too shabby. According to the Washington Post, he leads all his rivals in both the number of staffers, and the number of offices in the commonwealth. McAuliffe has a total of 98 paid staffers and 8 offices, compared with Moran who has 25 staffers and 3 offices. And Creigh Deeds has 29 staffers and offices in 4 cities.

However, I am not sure all the staff and campaign offices in the world can make up for the fact, that McAuliffe is a liberal carpetbagger. Money is nice, but that can’t mask the fact that McAuliffe is in so many ways out of touch with most Virginians.

Time will tell.

Photo by CBS News

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