Monday, March 16, 2009

Howell says Frederick should step down.

House Speaker Bill Howell became the latest state GOP leader to call on Jeff Frederick to resign his post as state party chairman. Citing the need for effective leadership Howell told reporters:

"With its current chairman, we have serious reservations about how effectively the state party can help us accomplish our goals and persuade a majority of Virginia voters that Republicans have the right ideas and policy prescriptions,"

We will see how long Frederick tries to hold on. With little support he can only hurt the Republican party's chances in November.

Photo by Americans for Prosperity

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James Young said...

One might think that Howell took his testicles out of the blind trust into which he placed them to support Governor Timmy's! smoking ban, but since he's about the last one to jump on this band wagon, the Trust --- if not Howell's manhood --- remains intact.