Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Moran implores Democrats not to let McAuliffe buy the nomination

Over the weekend Democratic Gubernatorial hopeful Brian Moran warned in a letter (asking for money for his campaign) that Terry McAuliffe was trying to buy the Democrat nomination, and he must be stopped.

According to the Washington Post, Moran's letter warned donors that McAuliffe plans to run ads that "will range from subtly disingenuous to outright misrepresentations and distortions." Hey what do you expect Brian, this guy did work for Bill Clinton, so he is perfectly fluent in the language of misrepresentations and distortions.

The letter goes on to warn, "In the absence of accomplishments, well-placed advertising can buy a race."

Money is McAuliffe's biggest and perhaps only strength as a candidate, and understandably he is going to spend whatever it takes. We shall see if he can buy the Democrat nomination, my guess is that he can.

The picture provided by the Politico

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