Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Prince William County to lower Tax Bill.

Corey Stewart continues to convince me that he is the best Board Chairman this region has had in many years. Through his leadership Prince William County will lower the property tax bill, giving the average homeowner a break of at least $435. While the measure does raise the property tax rate, since home values in the county have fallen 32 percent, homeowners will see a net decrease in their tax bill. Other members of the Board wanted to increase the tax rate more to offset any revenue losses but Stewart had a different view, telling reporters:

I believe the way to spur the economy is by cutting taxes, not raising them. It comes down to a philosophical divide, board Chairman Corey Stewart (R-At Large) said. Prince William is the only Republican-led jurisdiction in the D.C.-metro area. It shouldn't be too much of a surprise we're cutting taxes.

According to the Washington Post Prince William homeowners would receive the biggest reduction in property tax bills in the Washington suburbs. If only all the areas leader were like Corey Stewart.

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