Thursday, March 19, 2009

Will Someone Please Show this Man the Exit.

"Stand not upon the order of your going,
But go at once."
Lady Macbeth, scene iv.

We, Virginia Republicans, have a penchant for engaging in stupid inter party fights, which usually ends up damaging our chances in November. And honestly in all my years as a Republican foot soldier, I have never seen a dumber fight than the one we are now engaged in over state party chairman Jeff Frederick. This stupid fight comes at the worst possible time, because if the early polls are to be believed, we are on the verge of sweeping Virginia’s three State-wide offices this November.

Let me say bluntly, Jeff Frederick is not worth a fighting over. He is an unremarkable man, who seems to be of average intellect at best, limited competence, and possess all the warmth of a funerary supplies salesman. I believe the concept of ‘fighting over Jeff Frederick’ may be the silliest idea in the history of mankind. You might say one possible definition of insanity is having a fight over Jeff Frederick.

But regardless of how little we think of him, the fact is party Chairmen are a dime a dozen. They are functionaries whose job it is to serve the Party - in a word they are expendable.

And let’s face it, Frederick’s 15 minutes of fame ended 10 minutes ago and like a bad contestant on the gong show he doesn’t realize he needs to leave the stage. But the frustrating thing is that we have members of our party egging him on. Do they want us to continue losing? Do they want McDonnell to lose? Do they know how toxic Frederick is to most people? There must be a cadre of sycophants that tell him what a great guy he is, and how it is vital that he fight on. And in his mind he may believe that he is being railroaded, he may believe that he is a great conservative hero battling the liberal establishment, but the reality is he is simply a boorish political hack whose presence on the political stage is doing more harm than good.

Sadly Frederick is unable to take a hint. And it seems what is needed is someone close to him to give it to him straight, “For the good of the Party, our great state of Virginia, and what is left of your reputation, you need to step down.” Instead I fear that the people around him are simply there to feed his massive ego.

A lot of damage has been done, but the sooner Frederick goes the better.

Photo by the Richmond Times Dispatch

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Dave C said...

Isn't he pushing for his wife to take over for him?

(don't keep up with the internal politics of political parties like I should :)