Monday, March 2, 2009

Offshore Drilling may become issue in Governors campaign.

I never thought offshore drilling would become an issue in a Virginia Gubernatorial election, but it just might.

According to Republican candidate Bob McDonnell, oil development in Virginia could create more than 2,500 jobs, bring in nearly $8 billion in capital investment, create more than $640 million in payroll and $271 million in tax revenues over 10 years.

McDonnell said, ""As governor of Virginia I will support legislation that will open Virginia's offshore waters, starting at 50 miles off the coast, to environmentally safe exploration and drilling for oil and gas."

No surprise his Democrat opponents have said they are opposed to offshore drilling. Rather they want to concentrate on creating "green jobs". Although I think they realize those jobs are mythical. The real reason they oppose offshore drilling is to appease Northern Virginia environmentalists.

We shall see if this becomes an issue.

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