Sunday, March 1, 2009

General Assembly Adjourns.

The Virginia General Assembly session ended on Saturday night, the last session in Governor Kaine's term. It in effects is the end of the era of Kaine.

The highlights, or should I lowlights, of the session includes: a ban on texting while driving, an expansion of capital punishment to include criminals who assist in murders but do not pull the trigger. Legislators also agreed to allow voters to enter the polls wearing T-shirts, buttons or other apparel with political slogans or candidates' names and to prohibit stores from selling novelty cigarette lighters to juveniles.

However, the session was dominated by budget issues, which was further complicated by the economic downturn. In the end the legislature agreed to a 2 year $77 billion spending plan that includes 'cuts' to education, law enforcement and health care, and the release of some nonviolent prisoners.

Kaine wistfully told the Washington Post that, "You know, I would have gotten more done had I had more money to deal with it." I think there is a lesson here. The less money a liberal has to spend the better.

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