Thursday, April 16, 2009

Bloomberg Seeks to Influence Virginia Governors Race

The Liberal Mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg, is attempting to influence the Virginia Gubernatorial election. Bloomberg, who gained national fame by banning smoking and guns in New York, now seeks to impose his own misguided views on the Old Dominion. I guess confiscating guns and smokes in New York City isn't enough to satisfy this do good er.

It seems Bloomberg is upset that it is relatively easy for law abiding Virginians to buy guns, so he has given $500,000 thousand dollars to a gun-control lobbying outfit called Americans United for Safe Streets. According to the Washington Times Bloomberg's donation makes up 99.5% of the groups funding.

The groups first task is to campaign against the mythical ‘Gun Show Loophole'. It sounds like an easy target for the gun grabbers, after all isn’t everybody opposed to the ‘Gun Show Loophole’?

In an ad running to mark the 2nd anniversary of the VA Tech shootings Bloomberg claims that Virginia needs to close this loophole to prevent more school shootings, like the tragedy that took place at Tech. First there is no such loophole, all gun show sales require a background check, and second the VA Tech shooter didn’t buy his gun at a gun show.

But Bloomberg isn’t interested in being accurate; rather his primary motive is to defeat Bob McDonnell. Bloomberg is upset that McDonnell, as Virginia Attorney General, opposed closing down gun shows. But why should he, gun shows don’t violate any laws, and like a store they have to do background checks on all gun purchases.

It could be that the very concept of a gun show violates Bloomberg’s liberal sensibilities, but who cares? I would also point out that despite having stricter gun control laws New York has historically led Virginia in crime.

We don't need New York's gun laws and New York's crime levels. Liberals like Bloomberg are in denial. They believe that gun control laws reduce crime, when the opposite is true. Gun control measures almost always give the criminal an advantage.

Last time Bloomberg got involved in Virginia Politics took place two years ago when he came to Fairfax to campaign for State Senator Jeannemarie Davis. She lost that race. Here’s hoping he has the same kind of success this time around.

Photo by Newsday

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