Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Washington Post Watch

It may be early in the race for the Governors mansion, and control of Virginia's government, but it is never too early for the Washington Post to help Democrat candidates. I have always said that the Post is the media arm of the Democrat party and it seems my suspicions are confirmed every day.

So today, I am starting a new feature, once a week I plan to highlight bias in the Posts election coverage. I will simply take their stories for that day, and point out the bias.

Today in the Post:
'McDonnell Targeted in Online Ads'

This story is about New York Governor Michael Bloomberg's ad attacking Bob McDonnell on Guns. The Post includes the ad that Bloomberg was nice enough to produce, and mentions the Virginia Tech Shooting in the first sentence.

'McAuliffe, Deeds Unveil Education Plans'

The article provides no balance. Fails to mention that these ideas have been tried and failed.

'Democratic Candidates Sign Petition'

Democrats want the state to take 125 million in Federal money. The Post reporter fails to accurately explain why it was defeated. Failed to explain that it would
it would extend unemployment to Part Time workers, and downplays the cost to Virginia Businesses.

'Tweeting on the Trail'

The article talks about how Creigh Deeds, a Democrat candidate for governor likes to use Twitter. Can you imagine such a puff piece about a Republican?

I will continue to keep an eye on the Post coverage.

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