Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Bolling to Report over 1.3 Million Raised Since March 2008.

In reports to be filed tomorrow with the State Board of
Elections, Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling will report raising $1,321,231
for his re-election campaign since its inception in March 2008. Bolling
also ended the period with over $737,000 cash on hand.

Despite being barred from raising money while the General Assembly was in
session in January and February, Bolling raised over $302,000 during the
period from 404 contributors. The vast majority of this money was raised
during the last three weeks. More than half of the contributions were in
amounts less than $100.

"I am honored that hundreds of hard working Virginians have invested more
than $300,000 in my reelection campaign in just a few short weeks," said
Bolling. "Given the fact that I could not raise money during most of the
reporting period, this is a very good result."

"I know that times are tough and people are worried about their budgets and
job", said Bolling. "That makes me appreciate even more the generous support
that I have received from so many people. I will use these valuable
resources to advance our message of New Ideas for a Better Virginia and our
plans to get the economy moving again and create new jobs for Virginia's

Source: Bolling For Lt.Governor

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