Saturday, April 4, 2009

State Central Committee Meets Today To Vote on Removing Frederick

My hope is that the Republican State Central Committee will vote today to remove current State Party Chairman Jeff Frederick.

The lovely Anita Kumar of the Washington Post reported this morning:

"The Republican State Central Committee began meeting this morning to determine whether to remove Jeffrey M. Frederick as chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia.

Sixty-seven members of the 77-member were present. Another 10 sent proxies. But the committee rejected one of the proxies because he did not live in the correct district. Frederick supporters believe the person carrying proxy want to keep the chairman and scrambled to find someone to replace him.

The meeting, which is taking place behind closed doors, is expected to last much of the day. Members will hear from both sides, who were passing around thick briefing books detailing both the evidence for and against Frederick."

We should no more later in the afternoon.


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Virginia Gentleman said...

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