Friday, April 3, 2009

Violent Crime Drops by 36.8% in Prince William County

For the past couple years Prince William County has taken heat for wanting to stop illegal immigration. But those efforts may be paying off, in an end of the year statistics report released this week by the Prince William County police, overall violent crime declined by 36.8% in the county.

Board Chairman Corey Stewart said:

"There have been some high profile murders in our county, and they have hit us all hard. Our innovative policy on criminal illegal aliens has drawn a lot of attention, and with the eyes of the world upon them, there has not been on substantiated claim of racial profiling or intolerance among our sworn officers. I commend the Police Department and Chief Deane for continuing their excellent work. They are keeping all law abiding members of our community safe."

I wonder if the liberals will now acknowledge that there is a connection between illegal immigration and crime? For years they claimed a spurious connection with a weak economy and crime, but I guess it is too logical, and insensitive to claim that a large number of illegal immigrants have anything to do with crime.

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