Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Deeds Wins Democrat Nomination for Governor

Well, to the delight of the editors of the Washington Post, and perhaps more than a few reporters, Virginia Democrats nominated Creigh Deeds for Governor. In an extremely low turnout, Deeds won every part of Virginia over his two hapless opponents. Deeds received 50% of the vote, followed by Terry McAuliffe with 26%, and Brian Moran with 24%.

It seems that Democrat voters made a strategic decision, their bleeding hearts may have been with Moran and McAuliffe, but they clearly want to win in November. And the fact is that liberals Moran and McAuliffe would get crushed by McDonnell. Deeds, who already lost once to McDonnell, is the Dems best hope in November.

I must say I am happy with the results. We now never have to hear from Terry McAuliffe ever again! For that we should all be eternally grateful.

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