Monday, June 22, 2009

Governor Kaine AOL

On Friday, June 19, 2009, Virginia GOP Chairman Mullins submitted a Freedom of Information Act request to the governor’s office, seeking information pertaining to the daily schedule of the governor dating back to January 2009, when he became chairman of the DNC. It further requests records pertaining to expenses related to the use of the State Police Executive Protection Unit assigned to guard the governor's safety.

Under Virginia's FOIA law, the governor's office has five working days to respond or can obtain an additional seven days if extra time is needed to compile the requested information. The office can comply completely with the request, issue a partial collection of documents while explaining what legal exemptions allow them to omit others, or deny the request completely while explaining which legal exemptions allow them to refuse the request.

“It is a major accomplishment for Tim Kaine to have enacted the two-day work week,” Mullins said. “Until now, most Virginians believed that the weekend started on Friday afternoon. Through Tim Kaine’s leadership, we now know that the weekend can start as soon as midday on Wednesday. I’m sure this will be heartening to the 20-percent of Martinsville residents that are currently out of work.”
An accounting of Kaine’s travel as reported by various news outlets around the country revealed only six disclosed destinations. They are as follows:

· May 2 – Durham, NC – Saturday

· May 8 – Ft. Lauderdale, FL – Friday

· May 20 – Dallas, TX – Wednesday

· May 30 – Miami, FL – Saturday

· June 11 – Chicago, IL – Thursday

· June 19 – Kansas City, MO – Friday

My take on the Part time Governor is a little different. I am inclined to think the less time Kaine spends in Virginia the less damage he can do.

(Photo by WUSA)

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