Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Is Obama Snubbing Deeds?

According to an article in the today’s Wall Street Journal, there is some evidence that the White House is trying to avoid getting too close to the Deeds campaign for fear that they will be hurt by his defeat.

Earlier in the year it was thought that Obama would spend a lot of time in the state campaigning for Deeds, but that has not happened. He has only managed to drive across the Potomac river a couple of times to campaign for his fellow Democrat, and despite Deed’s requests, Obama has made no commitments to come back.

One Democrat strategist told the Journal:
"They're looking at movement in the polls and calculating how far out in this race they want to see the president go," He went on to say, "In New Jersey the path to victory is a little clearer, but I think in both cases they're making the calculation on how much of the win or the loss are they willing to own."

Obama has already taken some heat for losing the Olympics, he doesn’t want to take the heat for Deeds losing as well.

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