Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Rep.Moran Tells Deeds to Go Positive

According to the Washington Post Democrat Rep.James Moran is telling Creigh Deeds to drop the negative attacks and give the people of Virginia a reason to vote for him, not just against McDonnell.

Moran told the Post:

"We had a conversation last night," Moran said. "I said: 'All your consultants are going to tell you to go negative, just like they told my brother. And spend all your money on negative because positive ads don't move anything.' ... I said: 'You've got to go with your instinct. You're a genuine guy. People relate to you.'

"People know about the thesis -- the people who care about the thesis, they're in Northern Virginia and they read The Post and they know. But there's got to be more. He's got to give people a reason to vote for Creigh."

Good advice, but what can Deeds say? He wants to raise taxes, has no transportation plan, and is in bed with several unions.

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sj said...

If we are lucky, Deeds will be true to his obnoxious self and ignore Moran. I think its true voters don't like negative. Deeds is a "snarling-junk-yard-dog"[3 tickets in 1.5 months]he connects with folk like the ones who have arrived in VA from "unionized" states, NY, NJ, Wisconsin, Detroit, etc. they call
themselves "out of towners" when I was doing some cold calling to ask their political affiliation I got quite a surprise, several calls in a row repeated this " out of towner" so I asked what it meant when describing their self that way. The response was, you know from NY, NJ N.E. Wisconsin, Detroit, etc.. most of us moved here after retiring early from union jobs, we are like "colonies" you know we know each other, not necessary friends but we are Democrats and its cheap to live here our money goes a lot further than in fill in the blank __ from above state,etc. Is not that VA does not like the GOP, its the huge continuous influx of Democrats buying homes and residing permentaly in VA. Ugh!!!!