Thursday, December 10, 2009

Marsden Flip Flops on Taxes.

Ronald Reagan used to say facts are stubborn things, it looks like Democratic candidate for the Virginia Senate, Dave Marsden is finding that out. It seems Marsden now claims to be a low tax guy, but his voting record suggests otherwise.

Marsden who sometimes rents a room in the 37th District, has assaulted voters with a direct mailing that disingenuously pegs him as a low-tax stalwart, while conveniently ignoring his own recent history of supporting massive tax increases as a member of the House of Delegates.
Marsden's mail piece includes a number of gratuitous bullet points, including one that states that he will "Hold the line on taxes." Thinly disguised as an item from well-known shipping giant Federal Express, the mailing contains repeated mentions of what is wrong in Richmond, as though Marsden himself has not been part of the mix as a sitting legislator.
Prior to his new-found low-tax conversion, Marsden was a true believer in Tim Kaine's army of tax increasing legislators. In fact, he voted for an ill-fated $2 billion tax increase in 2008. The tax package would have made it more expensive to buy a home or a car, and endorsed a sales tax increase in Northern Virginia, despite the fact that the region would receive less in return than it sent to Richmond. (SB 6009)
"Not only is he presenting himself to the people of the 37th District as one of them - even though he doesn't live there - Dave Marsden is now trying to be good on tax policies, even though he's not," said Republican Party of Virginia Chairman Pat Mullins. "I will say this: if Dave Marsden says he's going to cut your taxes, you'd better hold onto your wallet."

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