Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Post and Sarah Palin

Liberals hate Sarah Palin, and not only do they hate her, they hate anyone who likes her. You can call it Palin derangement syndrome; the very mention of her name is like cat nip to the liberals. During the Virginia Governor’s race the Washington Post kept asking when would Palin come to campaign for McDonnell, no doubt they believed her appearance would have jeopardized his chances of victory.

The Post fantasized about getting a photo op of Palin and McDonnell on stage holding hands, maybe a hug, or better yet a kiss on the cheek. They no doubt believed that this front page picture, and yes they would have put it on the front page, would have helped Deeds win Northern Virginia, and possibly the Governor's mansion. However, the Post was denied their photo op, and they are still bitter about it.

In today’s Post, columnist Anita Kumar complains that McDonnell 'distanced' himself from Palin. And how did he do that? According to Kumar he failed to campaign with her. Gee since when is a Virginian required to campaign with an Alaskan? Since when is a governor of another state required to come to Virginia to campaign for someone they may or may not even know?

If Palin was a senator from Virginia and McDonnell never shared the stage with her, then yes you could say he was trying to distance himself from her, but the fact is she is not a Virginia politico. She is the former Governor of Alaska. I have been following Virginia politics for 30 years, and I can never remember a former Governor of Alaska coming to Virginia to campaign for a Virginia Gubernatorial candidate. Yet to the Liberals at the Washington Post McDonnell was required to campaign with Palin.

Nobody is better at turning out the Republican base than Sarah Palin. However, Bob McDonnell sowed up his base in June, He didn't need her help, however, he did not 'distance' himself from her as the Post claims, instead he just denied them a photo op.

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