Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Webb and Warner Vote to Force Virginia Taxpayers to Pay Nebraska's Medicaid Tab

While most Virginians were preparing for Christmas the Democrat controlled Senate voted on a health care bill, which they hoped people would not noticed. It seems that Senators James Webb and Mark Warner "charitably" committed Virginians to pick up the Medicaid tab for half-a-dozen other states.

How did this happen? Well, in an effort to get Nebraska Senator Ben Nelson’s vote the Senate leadership crafted the now-infamous "Cornhusker Compromise," which requires the federal government to pick up Nebraska's entire Medicaid tab in perpetuity.

In addition, to get Sen. Mary Landrieu’s vote there is also the new "Louisiana Purchase," in which Louisiana will get $300 million of federal assistance.

And guess what? Thanks to Warner and Webb Virginia taxpayers will foot the bill. Seems they put the interests of the Democrat party above the interest of the people of Virginia.

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