Friday, April 9, 2010

McDonnell Fails to Mention Slavery, Liberals Outraged

Governor McDonnell committed one of the gravest sins in our politically correct world; he praised southern soldiers without reminding everyone that slavery existed in the south.

This proclamation, honoring Virginia soldiers who fought for the south, has become a national scandal with President Obama, and the liberal media denouncing McDonnell for his 'omission'. The omission is of course forgetting to remind people that slavery existed.

Traditionally in April Virginia Governors issue a proclamation praising the sacrifices of Virginians who fought in the civil war. The left has tolerated such a proclamation provided it included a denunciation of slavery, which, McDonnell failed to add.

Clearly there is nothing wrong with a resolution praising the sacrifice of Virginia soldiers who fought in defense of the south. And praising those soldiers in no way expresses support for the institution of slavery.

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