Sunday, April 11, 2010

Stevens Retirement Could Cause Problems for Webb and Warner

This week one of the Supreme Courts most liberal members, John Paul Stevens, announced his retirement. Sadly, Stevens didn't make this announcement 20 years ago..

His retirement will give President Obama a second appointment to the Court - two in two years, that might be unprecedented?

Since Stevens was a strong liberal, there will be great pressure on Obama from the left to appoint another strong liberal, to "maintain the balance" on the Court. And I have no doubt that Obama will comply.

What does this mean for Webb and Warner, well no doubt they will be expected to vote to confirm Obama's liberal nominee. This will put Webb and Warner in a tough position. Both Senators have worked hard to create the fiction that they are moderate, centrist Democrats, but now will be asked to vote for a hard left judge. That won't play well in the Old Dominion.

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