Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Campaigns Release New Polls

Two campaigns have released polls showing their candidates - no surprise- ahead. Keith Fimian’s, who is running in the 11th, released poll conducted by McLaughlin & Associates May 12-13, which shows Fimian leading Herrity among likely primary voters, 36 percent to 23 percent. However, the poll also shows 41 percent of respondents remained undecided.
And Scott Rigell, who is running in the 2nd Congressional district, released a poll showing him leading his Republican primary opponents. The poll done by Public Opinion Strategies, shows him with 47 percent of the vote in the GOP primary. Army Reserve Gen. Bert Mizusawa is second with 10 percent, followed by businessman Scott Taylor at 9 percent, businessman Ben Loyola at 6 percent.
I must say I am not sure I buy either poll. Primaries, especially congressional contests are notoriously hard to poll. Elections are based on turnout, and it is not easy to predict the turnout for a primary, therefore sample size can be tricky even for the best pollster.
In my opinion both the 11th and the 2nd are still wide open.

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