Tuesday, May 18, 2010

New Campaign Poll Shows Hurt in the Lead

One of the nations most vulnerable House Democrats resides here in Virginia, the 5th Congressional district to be exact. The fifth district runs from the liberal city of Charlottesville through conservative southside all the way to the North Carolina border. Tom Perriello is a first term incumbent who has a strong liberal voting record, which makes him vulnerable. Other than Charlottesville the 5th is pretty conservative.

A new poll released by the campaign of Robert Hurt, shows Hurt way out in front of his Republican primary opponents. The poll conducted May 10-11 by the firm Public Opinion Strategies, showed Hurt winning 35 percent of the vote. Albemarle County Supervisor Ken Boyd was second with 10 percent, followed by Michael McPadden with 7 percent.

I do think Hurt has the edge, but if 5th district Republicans fail to unite behind the eventual nominee Perriello may squeak by.


Anonymous said...

Robert Hurt is also winning the Keebler Elf Poll by 40 points.

So the rich guy bought a fake poll, so what. Go back to your bocce ball court and sip your mint juleps, Robert.

Virginia Gentleman said...

I realize it is a campaign poll, so it may be slanted, however, I think Hurt is in a good position to win the nomination.

Nana said...

Hurt seems to hold the most promise of winning in Nov. Hopefully reason will win out & Hurt will obtain the nomination.