Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Fimian, Murray Win in Northern Virginia

Keith Fimian, Republican candidate for Congress (VA-11), secured the Republican nomination in a primary contest by a historic margin, surpassing Gerry Connolly’s 2008 Democrat primary vote total and surpassing his total votes cast by several thousand.

“Pat Herrity ran a strong, passionate race and we congratulate him for his effort,” Fimian said. “Now the race turns entirely to focus on Gerry Connolly's failed record.”

“Two years ago I said Gerry Connolly would spend recklessly and do nothing to improve the economy. Sadly I was right. Connolly has gone on a spending spree and has utterly ignored our economy,” Fimian said. “Voters will see a contrast with a businessman who knows how to create jobs and reduce spending versus a career politician who is a rubber stamp for out of control government.

“I will campaign on the exact same issues that carried me to victory in the primary—issues like a commitment to turning our economy around, stopping wasteful spending, and getting taxes under control. Now it’s on to November,” Fimian said.

In the 8th Congressional District Patrick Murray defeated Matthew Berry. Murray will now face Democrat Jim Moran

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