Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Is the Herrity Loss a Mortal Blow to The "Davis Machine"?

Ok, first let me say that I don’t really think Tom Davis ever had a political machine, even at his peak of power he was no Harry Byrd. But let’s face it Davis had a lot of influence in Fairfax county politics. He could get people elected. His endorsement carried a great deal of weight. However, with his protégé Pat Herrity losing an election he probably should have won, you have to wonder if the Tom Davis stamp of approval really helps a candidate.
Tom Davis worked hard for Herrity, but it is clear that his help didn’t matter one bit.


Anonymous said...

Davis' people moved over to Herrity. A lot of good that did. Herrity is now a two time loser losing to Bulova in a special election that he should have walked away with and now a primary that he thought he'd walk away with. Herrity and his hubris jumping into an election thinking he had it wrapped up. Stick to the local elections Herrity. Daddy's name will carry you only so far especially with your reputation of lying.

Virginia Gentleman said...

Herrity did win the Fairfax county part of the district, but not by much. And with the help of Davis you would have thought he would have done much better.

Anonymous said...

Davis did not endorse in the 11th District GOP primary in 2010.

In 2008, Davis endorsed and supported Fimian as the GOP nominee.

Fimian ran a well funded, disciplined, and hard hitting primary campaign against Herrity.

I suspect that Davis will now again endorse and support the GOP nominee against Connelly.