Thursday, June 17, 2010

Metro Plans its Largest Fare Increase Ever

The folks that run the Washington Metro Transit Authority must subscribe to the old maxim 'close enough for government work', because despite their horrible performance they still believe a rate hike is justified. They have worked hard after all, and maybe more money will make them work harder.

According to the Washington Post:

The June 27 changes will include increasing rail fares by about 18 percent for peak and off-peak travel and raising the price of rail passes by about 15 percent. They will also include an increase in bus fares and bus pass prices; an increase in the price of trips on MetroAccess, the paratransit service for elderly and disabled people; as well as increases in the bike locker fee and reserved parking fee. Metro plans to begin selling the new bus and rail passes immediately after the board vote June 24.

The metro is a mess, and rather than a fare increase, I think an audit, and threats of funding cuts are in order.

Here is a prediction for you. Fares will go up, service will not improve, and the escalators will still not work.

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