Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Poll Question of The Week

I must say I have changed my mind on this question. Originally, I favored the idea that the Governor ought to be able to run for re-election, but I have come to the Linwood Holton position (which I hope doesn't happen too frequently)that 4 straight years is enough.
Remember, Virginia's Governors have a lot of power. The Governor has over 4,000 appointments, which is more than the President of the United States, and has the ability to make changes to a bill and then sign it. In effect he can re write legislation.
It seems to me that 4 years with that incredible power is enough. But what do you think?


James Young said...

I would add another option: I could be persuaded, but not yet.

Virginia Gentleman said...

Well, who knows, maybe Bob McDonnell will be such a good Governor that we will all want him to be able to run for re election. But I think one term is enough.

Anonymous said...

If your name is Bob McDonnell, then you can run twice. Love him!