Thursday, May 27, 2010

Fimian Says Connolly/Obama Policies Have Failed

In a statement today Republican congressional candidate Keith Fimian claims Connolly and Obama policies have failed:

"Gerry Connolly’s economic policies consist of mountains of new taxes, unprecedented borrowing, unsustainable reckless spending, government takeovers, stifling regulations, and every other policy Nancy Pelosi and Democrat leaders demand. The result, according to the USA Today, is that Americans have received the smallest share of personal income in U.S. history from private businesses. At the same time, government provided benefits, like food stamps and unemployment insurance, have risen to their highest level ever.

The economic policies of Connolly, Pelosi and Democrats in Congress are destroying jobs, impoverishing families, and robbing future generations of economic opportunity and the chance to live the American Dream.

As destructive as their policies are to our economy in the near term, they are even more dangerous to the long term financial stability of our nation. A $13 trillion national debt says it all. Connolly and the rest of the career politicians in Washington are willing to spend everything and steal from three generations in the future to feed their special interest spending sprees and better their own chances for re-election.

We need conservative Republican leaders in Washington who will take aggressive steps to reign in reckless spending, roll back overgrown government, and roll back destructive economic policies. We can start by:

* Enacting a balance budget amendment
* Permanently banning all earmarks
* Repealing or defunding the government takeover of healthcare
* Freezing government spending, returning unspent TARP funds to the Treasury, and auditing the Federal Reserve
* Pledging no tax increases to reduce uncertainty, thereby encouraging businesses to invest and create jobs
* Eliminating capital gains on startups, cutting the payroll tax in half for small business, and suspending the federal unemployment tax until unemployment is reduced to 5 percent

We’re Americans. There is no problem we can’t solve. But we must act before it’s too late. That’s why I need your vote on June 8th. I am the only candidate in this race who has ever created even one job—and I have created hundreds. And I am the only candidate who understands what it takes to grow our economy and recognizes that leaving a better United States for the next generation is more important than winning the next election."

Needless to say the Virginia Gentleman agrees.

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