Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Virginia's Horse Racing Industry is Facing Tough Times

The Richmond Times Dispatch reports that the recession and competition from other states has hurt Virginia's horse racing industry. Virginia has had a long history of horse racing which predates the civil war. And the article points out that Secretariat, the legendary Triple Crown winner in 1973, was born in Caroline County in 1970.

However, surrounding states have added slots machines and table-game gambling with their races which have enabled their tracks to offer bigger purses, luring quality horses away with bigger prize money. In addition Virginia's Thoroughbred breeding industry has been hurt by such competition. Colonial Downs, in New Kent county is one of the premiere racing venues in the country, however, they have seen a drop in attendance in recent years.

Traditionally Virginia has been an anti gambling state. But slot machines would no doubt help the Virginia racing industry and perhaps some of the money from slots can be used to fund other projects in Virginia.

So my new poll question, should Virginia consider slots at Colonial Downs in New Kent County? I should point out that Colonial Downs has not asked for slots, and to my knowledge there is no proposal to bring them to Virginia. It is simply my thought. Tell me what you think.

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