Friday, August 20, 2010

Kaine Laments, 'Church and Synagogue' at Ground Zero Would Not Be Controversial'

Democrat National Committee Chairman, and former Virginia Governor Tim Kaine said in an interview with Andrea Mitchell that he didn't understand the controversy with building a mosque at ground zero. He claimed that there is no difference in building a Mosque, Synagogue, or Temple. Perhaps someone should tell him that Islamic terrorists killed over 2,000 Americans at that site. The attacks were carried out not in the name of Christianity or Judaism, rather they were committed by Islamic Jihadists who were expressly trying to kill Americans whom, in part, they regard as a nation of infidels. The hijackers wanted to bring down the World Trade Towers because they symbolized America and Capitalism. My guess is that they would find some satisfaction in knowing that those garish towers that they knocked down would be replaced with a Mosque. Kaine and Obama think that a mosque on that site is just fine as well.


Aleksey said...

Absolutely. I find it amazing how the people who claim their goal is to promote sensitivity are unable to demonstrate it themselves and completely disregard what has happend at ground zero less than a decade ago.

Virginia Gentleman said...

Thanks for your comments. I am amazed by the irony; muslim terrorist knocked the twin towers down, and now the libs want to replace them with a mosque.