Friday, September 24, 2010

Governor McDonnell Plans to End Confederate History Month

It has been a tradition in Virginia to commemorate April as Confederate History and Heritage month, however, that tradition appears to be ending.

According to the Richmond Times Dispatch:
"McDonnell said that next April, rather than a Confederate History Month proclamation, his office will issue a “Civil War in Virginia” proclamation commemorating the beginning of Civil War hostilities in Virginia.

"This proclamation will encapsulate all of our history. It will remember all Virginians — free and enslaved; Union and Confederate. It will be written for all Virginians," he said. "While we cannot fully put to paper the definitive collective memory of this period, we are going to at least ensure that all voices are heard in the attempt."

We do live in politically correct times.


J. Tyler Ballance said...

By properly marketing our Confederate era history, several reports published in the last few years have projected that Central Virginia could add a BILLION dollars to Virginia's annual tourism revenue.

Instead of pussying out, like these "New South" Republicans so often do, Virginia's political leadership should be exploiting our position in history, for every possible economic advantage.

I too, want to honor our Confederate Veterans, but damn it, our citizens need JOBS!

Promoting Confederate era history would put food on the table for thousands of Virginia families, regardless of their race or cultural background.

If McDonnell doesn't understand this basic fact about Virginia, he should just resign now and let Bill Bolling run the Commonwealth.

Anonymous said...

And thank God for that!