Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Social Conservatives Applaud Governor McDonnell's Decision on Abstinence Education

Governor Bob McDonnell’s office announced that his administration has applied for a federal grant for abstinence-only education. This grant will provide $900,000 in federal money ($400,000 will be matched on the state level) to augment school budgets should a locality choose to provide abstinence-only education.

Social conservative groups such as The Family Foundation said they are pleased that the Governor has applied for funding that will help effective and widely support abstinence centered programs be available to Virginia’s public schools.

You may remember that in 2007, then Governor Kaine rejected federal funding of abstinence-centered education at the behest of Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood has as one of its primary missions to end abstinence education altogether complaining that it isn’t effective. Although it’s likely their motivation lies closer to the fact that abstinence education costs them government grants.

According to the Family Foundation, Recent studies have shown that abstinence-centered education, particularly programs in Virginia, have been successful in preventing teen pregnancy and delaying sexual activity. Additionally, polling indicates that parents want their children to be taught abstinence. This decision by Governor McDonnell is certainly in the best interest of Virginia’s children and families. The Family Foundation has been promoting abstinence-only education in Virginia’s public schools for years and is thrilled at Governor McDonnell’s support.

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