Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Northern Virginia Transportation Alliance Signals Support For ABC Privatization Plan

The leading transportation advocacy organization in Northern Virginia is backing ABC privatization as one component of an overall transportation solution for the Commonwealth. The Northern Virginia Transportation Alliance, which is "the only organization focused exclusively on working to make better transportation a reality for Northern Virginia citizens and businesses", declared its support in a formal statement by past Chairman David Guernsey prepared for the Governor's Herndon town hall held on August 25th.

In the statement, Mr. Guernsey notes, "The Alliance believes the sale of Virginia's ABC stores falls under the "all options on the table" category. The Alliance also believes that Virginia's fiscal transportation crisis is such that major one-time infusions of new revenue should be welcomed."

Speaking about the statement, Governor McDonnell remarked, "We agree with the Alliance. ABC privatization is a smart way to put significant new money into transportation as part of a multifaceted approach to the issue. By privatizing ABC, and putting Virginia in line with the majority of states, we will put hundreds of millions of dollars into building new roads immediately. Every individual, legislator and group with an interest in reducing congestion and improving transportation for our citizens should back this common-sense proposal."

The Governor continued, "Privatizing ABC to gain hundreds of millions in new funding for transportation is just one of hundreds of proposals we are advancing to reform government, and is part of an overall package of reforms we will advance in transportation funding. To build new roads and rail we need a comprehensive approach. We will be rolling out numerous transportation proposals in the months and years ahead, and I look forward to working with the Alliance and others on these initiatives. Building a 21st century transportation system in Virginia is crucial for our ability to grow the economy and create new jobs.

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