Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Connolly Declares the Pelosi Congress to Be Historic

In an interview yesterday vulnerable House Democrat Gerry Connolly seemed to brag about the accomplishments of the Pelosi run Congress telling the Hill newspaper:
"I think this belongs in the pantheon of strong, activist reform Congresses like the 73rd under FDR and the 89th under LBJ,"

Today the Fimian campaign responded to Connolly's boast by saying:

“Congressman Connolly believes his support for $3 trillion in new reckless spending, over $600 billion in tax increases, the failed stimulus, the healthcare takeover, cap-and-trade energy taxes and $500 billion in cuts to Medicare make the 111th Congress one of the most successful in history,” Fimian said.

“Congressman Connolly is badly out-of-touch with Northern Virginia,” Fimian said. “Connolly apparently views his job as a political game, with success being gauged by who can ram their big spending, job destroying agenda through Congress, who can rack up the biggest donations from lobbyists and who can reinvent themselves enough to get re-elected, not whether Congress has made life better for the American people.”

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