Sunday, November 14, 2010

My Conversation with Virginia Tea Party Leader Ron Wilcox

Ron Wilcox is Executive Organizer of the Northern Virginia Tea Party

Virginia Gentleman: As one of the leaders of the Virginia Tea Party movement what is your reaction to last Tuesday's election?

Ron Wilcox: It was tremendously satisfying to see our great democracy in action and know that in a peaceful assembly as granted by the tenets of our constitution our Tea Party Patriots demonstrated to a Republican and Democratic establishment our votes not only make a difference but will change the political landscape for years to come. Our movement is not to be ignored.

Virginia Gentleman: Some liberals claim that the Tea Party cost the Republican Party the Senate. Your reaction to that charge?

Ron Wilcox: What liberals and conservatives will not deny is again that the Tea Party and those who support our principles changed the balance of power in Congress. This we hope is a wake up call to liberals and Republicans to listen to the constituents that put them in office. Our concern to preserve the constitutional principles from our founding fathers must not be ignored. We sent a message to both sides of the aisle. It is our hope both sides will take our movement seriously as we are mobilizing for the next election and will evaluate the actions of those who represent us. What needs to be asked is can Democrats demonstrate conservative values? Many remember when they did. Conservative values are not Republican or Democratic they are American.

Virginia Gentleman: What are few main objectives that the Tea Party would like to see the new Republican House accomplish?

Ron Wilcox: Clearly the most important objective remains for representatives to live with the means of the American people as far as budgetary expenditures. Eliminating the Obamacare healthcare program which is fatally flaw is critical and providing a more inclusive program with competitive pricing on the free market is our mandate. There remains a need to eliminate pork barrel projects and ear marks. But what is most critical is the need for our congress to eliminate a mindset of embracing socialism which stifles entrepreneurial spirit.

Virginia Gentleman: Do you have a favorite candidate for the GOP nomination in 2012?

Ron Wilcox: First of all, we are focused not only at the national level but at every locality in the run up to the 2012 election. There is much to do between now and then which may give rise to new Candidates determined to uphold Constitutional principles. There will no doubt be a number of candidates yet to be recognized. It remains paramount our citizens support someone who can embrace our fundamental Tea Party principles and challenge a progressive mindset that tears at the conservative values of all Americans. One thing for sure…The Tea Party “will” elect the next President


The AZ Gentleman said...

Good interview!

The Virginia Gentleman said...

Thanks, I appreciate your reading my site.

Anonymous said...

I was struck by a reported interview with Alabama Congressman Spencer Bachus, who was said to have asserted that: "the Tea Party cost us the Senate." My sense is that the RNC and the rest of the GOP establishment's failure to support nominated Republican candidates -- Sharon Angle and Christine O'Donnel in particular --cost us the Senate. We need to replace that establishment, starting with Karl Rove.