Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Allen Comments on Kaine's Announcement

Katie Wright, Director of Communications for the George Allen for U.S. Senate campaign released the following statement on DNC Chairman Tim Kaine’s entry into the U.S. Senate race:
“After being convinced by his liberal allies in Washington to run, Chairman Kaine’s announcement today sets up a clear contrast for the families of Virginia. Whether comparing records and ideas for the future on job creation and innovation, tax and regulatory policy, energy, or protecting Virginia’s right to work laws, the differences are clear. 
“George Allen stands for responsible, smarter government and helping families keep more of what they earn. Allen made job creation his number one priority, resulting in a record number of private sector jobs and investment in Virginia.  He also worked to keep the Internet free of taxation while sponsoring meaningful reforms for Washington like the balanced budget amendment, line-item veto authority and paycheck penalty for Congress.
“While Chairman Kaine may try to paint a different picture of his tenure as Governor, it was marked by his proposals calling for staggering tax increases and by substantial job losses for Virginians.  As Chairman, Kaine stood with his liberal Washington allies like Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi as they imposed their harmful agenda on Virginia and America, making trillion dollar deficits the norm and loading our children with the burden of an unprecedented national debt.
“Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid may be friends of Chairman Kaine, but they are no friends of Virginia families and job-creating business owners.  While we know he will look to his Washington allies for help and guidance in his campaign, George Allen will continue to listen to the families of Virginia and work hard to earn the right to represent their voices, views and values in the U.S. Senate.”

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