Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bolling Dominates The Shad Planking

Lt. Governor Bill Bolling confers with the Virginia Gentleman

Nearly 2000 Virginia political activists gathered in the town of Wakefield this afternoon to drink beer, eat fish and listen to political speeches, not necessarily in that order.  The annual gathering is a must for anyone interested in Virginia politics.  A couple observations, the crowd was overwhelmingly Republican, which is usually the case, but more so this year.  The only two Democrats I saw were Senator Mark Warner, and Congressman Bobby Scott.  Usually former Governor Gerald Baliles is there to represent the Democrats, but I didn't see him today. My other observation is that without a doubt Bolling dominated, in terms of a presence.  He had loads of signs, stickers, tee shirts, volunteers, and free hotdogs!

I have been to about a dozen Shad Plankings.  Always a fun event, and this years was great.  Also, special thanks to David Johnson who convinced me to try the shad roe.  Very good!


Steven Latimer said...

I found that Bolling had a paucity of yard signs, and that there were no hot dogs.

The Virginia Gentleman said...

Hey Steve,
Thanks for the comment. I had two hotdogs, they were good.

I hope all is well.