Thursday, April 21, 2011

We Should Have Taken Allen's Advice in 2006

The following is a release from the Allen for Senate Campaign.  Needless to say I agree 100 percent.

Five years ago today, with gasoline prices at $3-a-gallon, George Allen issued a call for a full-scale effort to achieve American energy independence, an effort which begins with using America’s own resources. A member of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, Allen championed a comprehensive energy strategy designed to unleash American energy resources and American creativity, including bills that would allow individual States to determine for themselves if they want to explore for natural gas and oil in the deepest waters off the outer continental shelf and to allow the use of oil reserves on the barren north slope of Alaska.

“If Americans don’t want to see skyrocketing gas prices we must make the decision to explore for and use domestic oil,” Allen said.  “Some of us in the Senate have been working in the face of great criticism for our energy independence, to lower gasoline prices and provide adequate supplies through energy production, innovation, and diversity…  For our own energy security and to bring those prices down we must make the sustained commitment to create, produce and grow more of our own energy here in America for America’s jobs, America’s economy and American security.”

Today, $4-a-gallon gas is imposing a greater burden than ever on the families and businesses of Virginia, while America is no closer than it was five years ago to controlling our own energy destiny.  It is time for Washington to stop throwing up roadblocks to achievable energy solutions that encourage conservation and innovation and utilize all of our plentiful resources including clean coal technology, natural gas and oil.


J. Tyler Ballance said...

I saw George at the Shad Planking yesterday. He was swarmed with reporters, so I didn't get a chance to ask him a question that has been bothering me about his last term in office.

Why, did George Allen, who had always seemed to be a libertarian-leaning Republican when he was Governor and before as a Delegate, do absolutely nothing to speak out against:

1. Warrantless wire-tapping.


2. Rendering of U. S. citizens to other countries to be tortured to death.

I really like George Allen and also think Susan was the best looking First Lady that Virginia ever had, but I am confounded as to why George did nothing to defend our LIBERTY and instead was little more than a cheerleader for Bush, while George was our Senator?

Gas prices are bad, and they will get worse, but what difference will that make if we have allowed the federal government to destroy our freedom?

The Virginia Gentleman said...

Hey Tyler,
Sorry I missed you, I think you handed be a pocket constitution, but I didn't realize it was you til later.

I hope all is well.

Bulletproof said...

5 years ago? Hell, the time to get off of the sauce was back in 1980 when Carter was rationing the stuff. We NEVER learn. If we'd gotten serious back then, who knows what technology might have yeilded by now.