Thursday, November 10, 2011

Election Recap

Here are the (pretty much) final results from Tuesday.
House of Delegates
* Republicans picked up 7 seats in the House of Delegates.
* Republicans now have a 68 seat caucus in the House, the most in history
* Republicans won 13 of 14 open seats in the House.
* Republicans defeated 2 Democrat incumbents in the House.
* All 52 incumbent Republicans seeking re-election won. 

Senate of Virginia 
* Republicans have won a working majority in the Senate.
* Republicans gained two seats to make it 20-20 with Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling holding the decisive tie-breaking vote.
* Republicans won 3 of 5 open seats in the Senate.
* Republicans defeated 2 Democrat incumbents in the Senate.
* All 15 incumbent Republicans seeking re-election won.

Just look at the numbers:  

House GOP Votes: 757,000, about 61% of all votes cast 
House Dem Votes:  419,000, about 33% of all votes cast 

Senate GOP Votes
: 771,000, about 57% of all votes cast
Senate DEM Votes: 554,000, about 41% of all votes cast

2011 caps a remarkable three-year run for Virginia Republicans:  

* In 2009, Virginia Republicans won all three statewide offices by massive margins and picked up 6 seats in the House of Delegates.
* In 2010, Virginia Republicans defeated 3 incumbent Congressional Democrats and came within a few hundred votes of defeating a fourth, moving the Congressional delegation to 8-3 and clearing the way for our own Rep. Eric Cantor to become U.S. House Majority Leader.
* In 2011, Virginia Republicans picked up 7 more seats in the House of Delegates and picked up 2 seats in the state Senate.

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