Wednesday, November 2, 2011

This just in..Pam Danner Endorsed By the Washington Post!

I was taking a nice leisurely walk today through McLean and I noticed that Democrat House of Delegates candidate Pam Danner has added "Washington Post Endorsed" to her campaign signs.  I know Pam Danner, in fact I remember 20 years ago when she ran as a Republican.  Even back then she was a lefty, but she called herself a Republican.  Now she has decided to join the party headed by Barack Obama.  Needless to say I know enough to know that I would never vote for her.  However, I think it is very informative that she has added the Washington Post endorsement to her signs.  It identifies her as the lefty she is.  In fact, I think all Virginia Democrat candidates should disclose their Post endorsements on all signs and campaign literature..

I have the same feelings about "Teacher Endorsed", "Firefighter Endorsed", and "Police Endorsed", these monikers are informative.  While I have nothing against firefighters,  police officers, or teachers, lets face it their unions endorse candidates that will vote to raise the pay and benefits of their members.  Their endorsements have very little, if anything, to do with putting out fires, stopping crime, or teaching.

So my poll question.  Which would make you less likely to vote for a candidate.  If they were:
"Teacher Endorsed", "Police Endorsed", "Firefighter Endorsed", or Washington Post Endorsed."  In my book they are all negatives, but which is the worst?

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