Monday, November 7, 2011

Vote Tomorrow!

George Allen issued a statement urging Virginians to vote tomorrow.
“The world is run by those who show up.

Tomorrow all of
Virginia has an opportunity to build a better, more prosperous future for years to come.

What leaders like Governor Bob Mc
Donnell, Lt. Governor Bill Bolling, and Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli started in 2009, was continued with big victories in the 9th, 5th, and 2nd Congressional Districts in 2010.

Over the past year Susan and I have traveled all throughout our beautiful Commonwealth campaigning with hardworking, conservative Republican candidates. In all, we headlined more than 90 campaign events for our State and Local candidates. You can see the places we've been with our candidates by clicking here.

With your help tomorrow, Republicans can achieve the majority in the State Senate, make major gains in the General Assembly, and elect strong, conservative leaders in local elections across the Commonwealth to help clear the path for a pro-growth jobs agenda and lead the way for an American comeback.

But to do that, we need everyone on our team working hard, together, to push
Virginia's strong Republican candidates across the finish line!

We have the momentum, but we still need to execute.

Go out and recruit your like-minded friends, family members, neighbors and colleagues and get them to the polls!  The stakes are too high to stay on the sidelines.

See you on Election Day Tuesday in Prince William, Loudoun, and Fairfax Counties where Susan and I will be working at polling places and making calls to help make sure every Republican vote is cast!

This election will ultimately lay the groundwork for historic change in 2012. We need to have a strong team to stand up to the Obama-Kaine machine.

Together we can send a message to President Obama and Tim Kaine that Virginians can't afford any more of their failed policies!

Let's go out and get it done.

On to victory!”

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