Thursday, December 1, 2011

Virginia Needs Cuccinelli to Run For Re-Election

While no official announcement has been made it seems that Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli is about to announce his candidacy for Governor.  Far be it from me to try to deny a man a promotion, but I think it is in Virginia’s best interest, the Virginia GOP’s interest, and Ken Cuccinelli’s best interest, that he runs for re election as Attorney General.

No one can deny that Ken Cuccinelli has been one of Virginia’s finest Attorney Generals in history.  He has defended the people of Virginia against a Federal government that is out of control.  The cases that have been taken on by Cuccinelli will still go on, many lasting beyond 2013.  Would a Democrat Attorney General continue Cuccinelli's work?  I doubt it.  My worry is that if Cuccinelli doesn’t run for re election Democrats could take the office.  I don’t think Democrats could beat the incumbent Cuccinelli, but they might be able to beat an unknown Republican. 

Now, I admit I am a Bolling supporter, I believe he will make an excellent Governor.  Bill is a solid conservative and an experienced leader.  But, a nomination fight for Governor between Bolling and Cuccinelli will be a disaster for the Republican party and conservative Virginians.  Such a battle will most likely help the Democrats win back the Governors mansion, and undo all the good that McDonnell, Bolling and Cuccinelli have done over these last few years.
In 2013 Virginia will need Bill Bolling for Governor and Ken Cuccinelli as Attorney General.

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