Thursday, June 14, 2012

Biden Faces Chilly Reception in Virginia

The following post is from Michael Cogar, Chairman College Republican Federation of Virginia

"President Obama continues to fail OUR generation.  He promises affordable education for all, and yet his dismal policies have resulted in a college tuition hike of over 25% in the past 3 years. He believes that YOU will accept a reprisal of his 2008 Hope & Change rhetoric, and yet college students nationwide face unprecedented unemployment as they enter the workforce. We won’t be fooled again.

Today, VP Biden thinks he can bring inspiration and encouragement to high school graduates, but what Hope and Change can they expect from this administration?  The reality is that only 3 in 10 teenagers will find jobs this summer because they are competing with college graduates.... competing for jobs that college graduates are, frankly, over-qualified to hold.

While the President may believe that social media and celebrity endorsements will solidify the Youth vote in his favor, the reality is a bleak future for our generation saddled with insurmountable debt.  Show this administration that we are not so easily impressed  - that we are not the fickle, uninformed voters of 2008 and that we will embrace a nominee with results, and not just rhetoric."

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