Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Kaine Takes Some Fire for Looming Defense Cuts

Unless Congress acts soon defense cuts will take place in January, which could deal a major blow to Virginia. Because the “super committee” failed to agree to budget cuts an automatic sequestration takes place which will disproportionally cut the defense budget. The Allen campaign told the Washington Post:
“Tim Kaine can’t escape from the fact that he not only supported the Washington deal that disproportionately cuts defense, risking over 200,000 Virginia jobs, but just last week he called it ‘the right thing to do,’” said Allen spokeswoman Emily Davis. (Kaine said at the July 21 debate that the original spending deal was “the right thing to do,” but he has also criticized the planned defense cuts as poorly designed.) Davis also called Kaine a “reflexive tax raiser” who “wants to use troop funding as a bargaining chip to raise taxes.”
My take:The reality is sooner or later Virginia is going to get hurt when the feds finally face the reality that they are spending the country into ruin. Sadly much of our state depends on Federal spending. In the mean time we need to diversify our economy as much as we can.

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