Thursday, October 18, 2012

Maryland Woman Asked, "If You Could, Would You Vote for Tim Kaine?'

Yesterday I paid a visit to my future in laws in Oxon Hill Maryland, every once in a while I venture into the state of Maryland, ah, what I'm willing to do for love. Well, as soon as I entered the house my Fiance's Mom told me she received a phone call from a pollster who asked her about Tim Kaine!
A pollster asked her a series of questions about how she planned to vote on a number of Maryland ballot initiatives. She then asked "Would you vote for Tim Kaine?" Mom responded "Well I don't live in Virginia!" But the pollster persisted, "But if you were ABLE to vote for him would you?" Now, I did not hear Mom's response, but my guess is it went something like this, "No, I'd do what my Son in law would want, and I'd vote for George Allen, if I could." I asked her if the pollster identified herself, she said she doesn't remember.

Why would a pollster in Maryland ask about Tim Kaine? I am determine to get to the bottom of this..

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