Tuesday, November 13, 2012

In the Wake of Last Tuesday Bet on Bolling

Every action has a reaction, and as Virginia Republicans think about how to move forward after a disappointing loss they may very well put more stock into the notion of electability. In 2013 Virginians go to the polls to elect a new Governor and General Assembly. Speaking for myself, I don't want to have a democrat in the White House and the Governors mansion.

Perhaps the loss last Tuesday will be a boost to the Bolling for Governor candidacy. His opponent Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli is thought of as more tea party and with a harder ideological edge than Bolling. If the premium on electability has gone up, then I would think Lt. Governor Bill Bolling has the edge.

Consider the following, of the statewide elections held in the last 12 years, Republicans have only won 6 contested races and two of those have been won by Bill Bolling which shows that he is a competitive candidate. Additionally, he led the statewide ticket in 2005, a year that a democrat was elected Governor.

Republicans may conclude that Bolling has a better chance at winning than Cuccinelli.

We shall see.

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