Thursday, November 15, 2012

Some Good News for the GOP, Mayor Will Sessoms Wins By Historic Margins

Some good news from last week. The following is a release from Virginia Beach Mayor Will Sessoms:

“Will Sessoms, first-term Mayor of Virginia Beach, won a resounding re-election victory last week winning all 94 precincts in the city and had twice the number of votes as his two opposing candidates combined. By winning over 124,000 votes, Mayor Sessoms recorded the most votes of any candidate in a contested election in Virginia Beach history while winning over 69% of the vote.

In appreciation of his historic win, Mayor Sessoms released the following statement:

My entire adult life has been about serving Virginia Beach. What makes this city so great are her people; hard-working, industrious, gracious and kind. That is why serving as the people's Mayor has been the highest honor of my public career. The fact that so many citizens from each and every segment of this city have entrusted me once again as their Mayor is so humbling. I will always remember that I work for the people of this wonderful city and will continue to build a Virginia Beach that we all can be proud of. Bev and I thank each of you for all of your prayers, support and encouragement during this campaign and we look forward to serving you another four years as the Mayor of the greatest city in the world!" - Mayor Will Sessoms

Organizations that endorsed Mayor Sessoms in 2012 included: The Virginian-Pilot editorial page, Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell, the Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce, the Filipino-American Community Action Group, the Hampton Roads Realtors Association and the Virginia Beach African American Political Council.”

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